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Terms of returns


Always contact first the salesman, product manager or customer service to discuss the returns. Also in cases of failured delivery. Returns without agreement of our staff are not refund at all.


Returns should bring back not later than 14 days from delivery date according to instructions and terms given. Return address is

Biobe Oy
Suvilahdenkatu 10 B
FI - 00580 Helsinki




All taylor-made products and products ordered outside our stock for named customer are not allowed to return or change into other products. Seller´s liability for damages in all fault cases concerns only contract prize. Fault product is allowed to return only after getting a permit and instructions for returns. Without a permit for returns ordere gets no changes or refund.


When returns concern supplier´s fault or fault in product pays Biobe Oy the return costs. In other cases costs pay customer.

We don´t receive returns without properly filled returns form sent together with returns package.

Transportation company used should be agreed with our Customer Service if returns due to Biobe´s fault as responsible of pays.



Product should always return in original package without no prize or other marks. Exception to this are quality fault returns.


Remember to include filled Biobe´s return form to the returns package. The individualized return number reguired you´ll get from our Customer Service +358 9 7743 270.


Product returns


All returns are attended according to terms enclosed.

Returns should always be agreed with Salesman, Product Manager or Customer Service.

For returns you need to have individualized returns number, which you get from our Customer Service Tel +358 9 7743 270 and filled returns form which should be send for us together with returns.


We don´t receive any returns without properly filled returns form. If any needs, our staff will help to fill the form.


Used transportation company should be agreed with us if returns concern products with deliverer´s or product´s faults. In other cases transportation costs are paid by the sender.



Return address:
Biobe Oy
Suvilahdenkatu 10 B
FI - 00580 Helsinki


Returns form (pdf)

Returns form (doc)


Fill & print the bill of freight for return (Transpoint):

Bill of freight





Biobe switchboard
+ 358 9 7743 270

Biobe fax
+ 358 9 7743 2720


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