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Biobe Oy (Ltd.) is a Finnish company manufacturing, importing and selling fresh air ventilators with silencers and filters into window frame, wall and ventilation channels. Products are tested for example in own lab and in an independent organisation VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland).

  RT Construction card (RT X57-37506)
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Merger of Biobe Oy and Scanfinn Oy and their holding company

The merger where Scanfinn Oy, Biobe Oy and Scancerco Oy will become one starts March 1st 2017. Company will continue with name of Scancerco Oy. Even Biobe and Scanfinn no longer exist as companies they still remain as auxiliary business names and brands.

Scancerco Oy

Suvilahdenkatu 10 B

05900 Helsinki

Business number: 0595634-3
VAT nr: FI05956343

Bank Account: FI78 1237 3000 1682 67

Tel: 09 7743 270
Fax: 09 7743 2720



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Biobe Oy belongs to Scancerco Corporation and was established in 1991. Biobe is a member of Sisäilmayhdistys (Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate).




Biobe ThermoPlus for new fresh air windows and ventilation renovations

Patented ThermoPlus fresh air window arrangement brings fresh filtered air into the room preheated during winter time. Because the air is always taken from the top of the window the construction is safe without risk of getting rain water into the window or wall structures.Also assembling is easy and safe. Products are used in all types of building areas from living and working to public.




Biobe Oy
Suvilahdenkatu 10 B
FI - 00500 Helsinki

Tel. +358 9 7743 270
Fax +358 9 7743 2720

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